Future winners, meet your targets! [two days until Map Gallery deadline!]

Friday, August 29, 2014 | by

Just two days to make it into the 2014 FOSS4G Map Gallery! Make sure you submit that map by 31 August. Remember that you don’t have to attend the conference to enter (or win!), and that your entries meed to be made with either open software or open data — or both, if you so choose.

As you sit polishing your gem of work, we wanted to give you a sense of the breadth of categories we’ll be recognizing — a nod to open software, one for open data, one for web maps, one for static maps — and on. There’s something for every map here; see categories below.

We are very much looking forward to reviewing your submissions — happy (and brilliant) mapping!

Best open source software integration 

Awarded to the map which displays the most innovative and purposeful use of open source software. The map need not be constructed entirely using open source software or, indeed, using a wide variety. Judges will be looking for sound choice, application and innovation.

Best open source data integration 

Awarded to the map which makes the most innovative use of open source data. The map need not use a wide variety of sources or be entirely composed of open data sources but the open data component must be a well-marshaled, purposeful and core component of the final map.

Best static map (digital display) 

Awarded to the map which, in digital form, presents a well-composed static display of a theme of the author’s choice. The map should be complete and function without additional material. This category might also be used for those who wish to submit a digital version of a printed map.

Best web map application 

Awarded to the map which makes the most innovative use of web map application platforms, including online or mobile. The map should make use of emerging mapping paradigms including interactive and multiscale approaches, and function as a portal to further information where appropriate.

Best overall cartographic display 

Awarded to the map that displays the most impressive cartography. This will be a map that goes well beyond the basics and exhibits excellence in aspects of cartographic design and production.

Best anti-map map 

Awarded to the map that displays the least map-like form and function yet manages to perfectly capture and communicate the intended geospatial message. This category is intended to encourage diversity in style and approach because not every geospatial theme needs a map…

Most unique map 

Awarded to, quite simply, the map that judges find to be the most unique in terms of theme, design or function.

People’s Choice Award

No open source event is complete without a good shot of vox populi. Input will be gathered from your fellow maptastic spatial folk, and may the best map win. We don’t need no stinking judges; we have a community of bright, vibrant people with eyes for design and data — and, just perhaps, some strong opinions.