Don’t panic: FOSS4G cheat sheet

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 | by

Tomorrow starts a fantastic three days of talks and sessions and networking and general geo-you-name-it. We are so excited to have you all here (and attending virtually, dear live stream viewers); here’s a quick list to get you rolling on day one. 

Conference details

BOF sessions: Find the carefully curated data on the OSGeo wiki.

Code of Conduct: Important (binding) rules on playing well with others; contact any volunteer or LOC member with violations or concerns.

Session schedule: Eight tracks plus invited speakers!

Livestream: For those at home and abroad. All will be recorded and available later.

Boots-on-the-ground: Volunteers will be wearing yellow t-shirts, LOC will be in red (at least until they have to do laundry).

Beyond the Convention Center

Social events: A list, here.

Public transit: Bus / streetcar / MAX (light rail) all managed by TriMet.

Places to eat / drink / walk / rent bikes / watch birds: our (partial) PDX Survival Guide

Crowdsourced map: Thanks to y’all. (Also, contribute your finds.)


Follow us on Twitter: @foss4g

Hashtag for conference: Yep, just #foss4g ; save those extra characters for awesome, because why say amazing when you mean amazeballs?