FOSS4G 2014 Booth Tour Preview #1

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 | by

Inspired by Jody Garnett’s post-FOSS4G 2013 booth tour, we present the pre-FOSS4G 2014 booth tour. This is the first of our posts that aims at connecting the attendees with the sponsors early on in this year’s conference.



Stop by to visit the CartoDB booth to learn the latest in their product line and hear about their recent shift from consulting to building a successful product for the web. Learn about their journey from the release of Beta CartoDB at FOSS4G three years ago to their current experiences in (and knowledge gained through) creating scalable products from their projects.

CartoDB waited until this year’s FOSS4G to announce a major new product, the CartoDB Developer Program. The CartoDB Developer Program is an initiative to partner with companies and developers in creating geospatial products that look and work great and can be sold directly to customers. You can learn more at

Throughout the conference, CartoDB will be hosting quick informational sessions at their booth (#13) on different topics related to CartoDB. Stay tuned to their Twitter or come by their booth early for details. Enjoy the presentations from CartoDB staff throughout the conference such as Andrew Hill, Javier de la Torre, Javier Santana and Alejandro Martinez, Sergio Álvarez Leiva.

CartoDB recently announced CartoDB Enterprise, which enables organizations to share data and work collaboratively with their CartoDB maps and visualizations. Another recent release is Twitter Maps, which grants direct access to the veritable firehose of Twitter data and facilitates geospatial analysis and data visualizations. Catch one of the CartoDB staff or stop by their booth to learn more about new data sources coming to CartoDB users, upcoming advances in Odyssey.js, and new mapping possibilities.

Sourcepole AG


If you are interested in QGIS, swing by the Sourcepole booth to chat with Pirmin Kalberer or Horst Düster about QGIS Enterprise suite. Attendees will learn that it is possible to use QGIS in an enterprise environment under enterprise conditions, talk with Sourcepole about their services such as professional support directly from QGIS core developers, or discuss their options for QGIS Enterprise long term support and maintenance services.

If you are curious about QGIS Cloud, Sourcepole can help! Attendees will learn how easy it can be to operate an OGC-compliant spatial data infrastructure and how to create professional maps with QGIS and publish them on, facilitated by a plugin for QGIS Desktop which allows uploading data and publishing complex maps. These are available on one click to web-browsers, mobile clients and as OGC WMS, WFS and WFS-T.

Sourcepole developers are actively contributing to many open source geospatial projects including PostGIS, MapFish, GDAL/OGR, OpenLayers, and MapServer.

Planet Labs


Chat with Frank Warmerdam, Tim Schaub, and Erika Reinhardt about the latest from Planet Labs. Given their mission to image the entire Earth every day using small satellites, there is sure to be an interesting assortment of conversations at their booth.

Visit the booth to see imagery from their constellations of small satellites, as well as have a one-to-one model of Planet Labs flight hardware. (Check out some of their first imagery here.) In addition to hardware and imagery, you can visit the Planet Labs booth to learn about how they are contributing to the OpenLayers and GDAL/OGR projects and hear about their use of MapServer, GRASS GIS, and PostGIS.

Geo-Solutions SAS


Stop by the Geo-Solutions booth to discuss the latest advances in GeoServer security and multidimensional data management. Have a conversation with Andrea Aime or Mauro Bartolomeoli about upcoming improvements in GeoServer WCS/WPS, better GeoCSS handling, improved security in GeoServer, and updates to GeoServer application schemas.

Geo-Solutions staff are actively contributing to the GeoTools, GeoServer, and GeoNetwork projects. If you are contributing to such projects, or if you are excited about the rapid growth in the open source geospatial world, Andrea and Mauro would appreciate it if you would stop by to exchange ideas.

Mousebird Consulting


If you are interested in the latest in mobile technology or looking to expand into this field, then visit the Mousebird booth for a chat with Steve Gifford about WhirlyGlobe-Maply. You will be able to view real apps that use their newly-updated WhirlyGlobe-Maply 2.3 display toolkit, which has the capability of displaying 3D interactive globes as well as 2D maps.

Chat with Steve about their upcoming documentation overhaul, or the 2.4 release of WhirlyGlobe-Maply which will have even faster marker display and some interesting incremental loading for weather apps and other applications. For the Android devs out there, the Android port is still in testing, with an expected debut in the next year.

More to come…

Stay tuned for our next post, highlighting sponsors Boundless, Cloudant, Nutiteq, Penn State, and Safe.