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Mike Bostock
Keynote Speaker

Mike Bostock

Mike designs interactive graphics forĀ The New York Times. He is also the author of D3.js, a popular open-source library for visualizing data using web standards, and TopoJSON, an extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology.


The time for procrastination dwindles…

Regular Sessions and Academic Tracks are both due today.


Bonus points to anyone who knows where in PDX this clock is located.



April 11, 2014
Portland, OR, USA

Regular Session and Academic Track proposals due

A reminder to all FOSS4G attendees – the proposal submission deadline for both the Academic Track and Regular Sessions is next Tuesday, April 15th. For the Regular Sessions, we strongly recommend reviewing our advice for successful proposals before submitting.

The community voting on the Regular Sessions will directly follow the deadline, April 18th to 28th.

Travel Grant Announcement

We realize that traveling to and attending a conference can be expensive, and that not everyone who uses or develops open source software has provided funding to pay their way or the means to pay [...]

We’re expecting some 400 submissions for approximately 200 presentation slots this year for the regular track sessions. That means only about half of the submissions we get are going to be accepted. What can you do to help ensure your presentation is accepted? Here’s some advice.

Consider your reviewers. They have to:

Read your proposal,
understand what it is about,
decide if its similar (but not too similar!) to other proposals,
consider if it would have an audience,
consider who that audience is,
consider how it would fit into the program,
and finally, rank it.

And they have to do this 400+ times. It’s exhausting. The best thing you [...]

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