A Complete Multi-Modal Carpooling and Route Planning Solution

Julien-Samuel Lacroix
Wednesday 11:00 - 11:25
Session 1, Track 8, Slot 3

Sustainable transportation is a nice idea but can be hard to apply in real life to your daily commute to work or school. For many it involves multiple transportation modes and it can be a challenge to combine the time tables from multiple sources in order to plan the most efficient route. We took the challenge and worked with stakeholders from the Saguenay region to build a portal that provides a simple yet really optimal way to get around in both urban and rural areas be it by bus, bike, share taxi and even carpooling or by combining multiple modes in order to promote sustainable transport. The system built on pgRouting, PostGIS, Django and OpenLayers3 allows users to register offers or search for the best available match in existing offers, comparing and combining as well with city buses and all your other favorite transportation options. It is a solution that will help and inspire city planners or city transport organizations to bring all their transportation systems together to get people moving the right way.