Privacy Policy

Personal Information

FOSS4G does not distribute personal information to third parties. We do employ 3rd party services to help us manage the conference and to contact future and past attendees, and we may need to use your information with that service, but we do not give them permission to use your personal information for any other reason.  Your personal information is shared with future FOSS4G events and these are considered to be the same entity, even though they are run by a different committee.

Email contact policy

As part of our agreement with sponsors, FOSS4G may email you on their behalf in advance of or immediately following the conference. We do not give your personal information to sponsors and these communications will be limited.

Photos and Video Policy

While attending the conference,  you might get your picture taken and end up on a public website. If you are speaking at this event your presentation will be recorded and included in our online stream and archive. If these things bother you, please contact us.