Adopting OGC Standards in a Flood Alert System

Ivan Martinez, FCTH / SAISP
Wednesday 11:00 - 11:25
Session 1, Track 3, Slot 3

This presentation is about the adoption of the OGC – Open Geospatial Consortium standards in Sao Paulo Flood Alert System which was based on matrix coordinates and static maps.

The Flood Alert System has more than 300 telemetric stations composed by rain gauges, water level sensors placed on rivers and reservoirs, water quality sensors, weather stations and a S-band weather radar reaching 240 kilometers of scanning range. The system offers Real Time support for a large metropolitan area and its Emergency Centers, Civil Defense groups, Government, Service companies and general public.

We have integrated Geotools (for data conversion), Geoserver (services like WMS, WFS), DB2, OpenStreetMap, uDig, Quantum GIS and some other softwares in our architecture. This set of tools provides many possibilities to easily integrate our data with other systems and external data, like some Hydraulic and Hydrological models that return geospacial data with flooding area forecast and vulnerable buildings.

Talking about the architecture, the adoption process, some of the issues, apllied solutions and further development.